How Duterte Used Facebook To Fuel the Philippine Drug War, September 2018

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With No Laws To Guide It, Here's How Orlando Is Using Amazon's Facial Recognition Technology, October 2018

Facebook Says This Post About A Firing Squad For A Philippine Senator Doesn't Violate Its Rules, September 2018

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Ev Williams Wants To Save Media — Again. But Some Writers And Publishers Are Skeptical, October 2017

Ellen Pao’s Story Is Messier Than Her Book Makes It Sound, September 2017


Selected work: WIRED

The Hidden Laborers Training AI to Keep Ads Off Hateful YouTube Videos, April 2017

Meet the Ad Companies Ditching Breitbart and Fake News, December 2016

No, Facebook, ‘Diversity’ Doesn’t Explain Your Support of Thiel, October 2016

Welcome to the Bizarro World of Trump Supporters on Reddit, July 2016

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A Robot for Any Disaster, November 2014 print issue, Popular Mechanics

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A City’s Fever Spell, December 2012, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

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News Stories

Scrambled Code Keeps Software Safe, October 2013 print issue [PDF], IEEE Spectrum 

Hardware Trick Could Keep Cloud Data Safe, August 2013, IEEE Spectrum   

Secretly Tag 3-D-Printed Objects With InfraStructs, August 2013, IEEE Spectrum

Interplanetary GPS Comes a Step Closer, July 2013 print issue [PDF], IEEE Spectrum

New Tech Keeps Data Centers Cool in Warm Climates, June 2013, IEEE Spectrum

Roach-Net Radio, June 2013, IEEE Spectrum

"Time Cloak" Could Secure Data Transmission, June 2013, IEEE Spectrum


Blog Posts

CES 2014: Skullcandy Reveals Lady Headphones for Sensitive Lady Ears, January 2014, Popular Mechanics

Inventing a Better Future: A Tour of the MIT Media Lab, December 2012, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Life Without a Pulse Is Possible, June 2011, Gizmodo 

IBM Researchers Build Wonder Material Integrated Circuit Smaller than a Grain of Salt, June 2011, Gizmodo 


Selected Audio interviews

How Facebook Abets Rodrigo Duterte’s Drug War in the Philippines, October 2018, UN Dispatch

Assessing the Ellen Pao Verdict, March 2015, NPR's All Things Considered

A Gender Discrimination Trial Rocks Silicon Valley, March 2015, NPR's All Things Considered